Chrome saves Google and Youtube cookies data even when users clear history, Google says its a bug

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Google Chrome retains cookie data for and even after users choose to delete all cookies when they close their browser. Cookies are used to identify users and store some of their online preferences when they visit websites. The site data stores databases in which a site can store personal information about users and can be accessed again when they visit the site next time.

Programmer Jeff Johnson first reported the development earlier this month where he posted screenshots showing Google’s behavior. He concluded that despite having chosen the option “Always clear cookies when windows are closed”, retains the data. “Chrome respects Clear and site data when you exit Chrome setup for but not entirely for To prevent YouTube from saving your data, you need to add it to “sites that it can never use cookies, “Johnson noted. This also applies to which stores data locally.

Johnson used Google Chrome version 86.0.4240.75 for macOS, but said the older version of Chrome also exhibited the same behavior. He also noted that Safari is far behind in this regard as it doesn’t have the ability to delete site data on exit, unlike Firefox and Chromium browsers.

“We are aware of a bug in Chrome that is affecting the way cookies are cleared on some Google proprietary websites. We are investigating the problem and plan to implement a fix in the next few days,” a spokesperson told The Register. from Google and said the problem is a programming error and will be fixed.

Earlier this year, Google previously announced that it would delete all third-party cookies by the end of 2021, as has already been done by Safari and Firefox. Although it will still keep the original cookies and apparently give its own sites special preference in Chrome.

There have been situations in the past where Google has been accused of invading privacy. Google had put the real option to start location tracking in a different setting that didn’t even include the word “location” despite users banning it. As of now, Google says it will automatically delete all data over 18 months if users don’t opt ​​out otherwise.

Google has been scrutinized by the US government and the European Union for managing services without following its own rules and unfairly promoting its services over those of competitors.

One programmer noticed that Chrome retains cookie data for and even after users decide to delete them. Google attributes the behavior to a bug in Chrome.

News Underline:

  • Chrome retains cookie data for and despite users choosing to delete all cookies.
  • Users need to add and to “sites that it can never use cookies’ to prevent them from storing data, noted one programmer.
  • Google has attributed the behavior to a bug in Chrome that is affecting how cookies are cleared on some proprietary Google websites.

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