Chef Life restaurant simulation game will be available for PS5 and PS4 owners

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You’ll then need to source all of your ingredients, work the prep, maintain your staff, and serve your customers. Your ultimate goal is to earn a Michelin star, so you’ll need to ensure that your dishes are perfectly cooked, seasoned, and presented. To be honest, it does look entertaining in a laidback kind of way – but a game like this is always going to be an acquired taste, isn’t it? It’s due out on 2nd February, 2023.

Nacon has launched a brand-new sub-line of games called LIFE in an effort to tap into the lucrative market for simulation games for the PS5 and PS4. This shows that Nacon has faith in the business. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator combines the realism of games like Farming Simulator with The Sims’ customizability, allowing you to open your very own French cafe and customise everything from the interior design to the food.


  • Nacon clearly believes there’s an appetite for simulation games on the PS5 and PS4, because it’s established an entirely new sub-line of games named LIFE, which it hopes to capitalise on the lucrative market. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator blends the seriousness of series like Farming Simulator with the customisation of The Sims, meaning you’ll be able to open your very own French bistro, select the décor, and even pick the menu.


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