Cell Phone Blue is a new song from 4 TRAYS

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4-TRAY stands out for his articulate delivery. His vocals soar on top of the mix and float gently over the rhythm and melody of the music, perfectly merging in and creating a sense of balance and appeal. There is also room for some amazing background vocals, bringing even more harmonic depth to the mix, especially when the female harmonies and counter-melodies kick in to add more color to the song, at times reminiscent of iconic singers such as Mariah Carey or Leona Lewis. The combination of great vocal melodies and immersive instrumental segments is the winning combination that makes “Cell Phone Blue” so special.

4-TRAY is a rap artist that infuses his compositions with a sense of soulfulness and rhythm. He creates music that defies expectations, pushing stylistic limits and giving listeners a one-of-a-kind experience. “Cell Phone Blue,” his most recent studio effort, seems like a really one-of-a-kind example of what 4-TRAY is capable of. The song has a silky smooth tone to it, with an organic-sounding instrumentation. Real drum sounds and other instruments pour some spicy jazz, funk, and R&B influence into the beat, which is incredible.


  • “Cell Phone Blue” is a truly spontaneous and dynamic piece of music that gives the audience great insights into 4-TRAY’s creative vision. In addition, the production is extremely good, with a crisp mix and a punchy master that truly makes the music stand out. Find out more about 4-TRAY, and listen

  • People should definitely check out 4-TRAY if they are fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Anderson.Paak, and Mos Def, only to mention a few. While the song has an old-school flair to it, there is something extremely fresh and innovative to this wonderful track. More importantly, the song is performed with passion, emotion, and vibe. From the moment you hit the play button, every note feels just right. Every melody is on-point, and there is electricity in the air.


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