CBS Sports reveals New York Giants’ “Ready to Soar” nominee pick in 2021

The safety of the New York Giants Xavier McKinney’s rookie season did not go exactly as he or the team had imagined, thanks to McKinney suffering from a broken leg at the training ground that cost him 11 games.

Thankfully, the rookie returned towards the end of his rookie season. Although professional play was a little too fast for him at times, the speed with which he kept up and began to excel at what he was asked to earn earned the former Alabama defensive a nod. from Josh Edwards of CBS Sports as one of ten rookies from last season they are ready to fly in year 2.

Note Edwards of McKinney’s inclusion in the list:

McKinney was my most valued confidence in last year’s draft, so I’m optimistic, perhaps stubborn, about his potential. The former Alabama full-back has missed 11 games but ended the season on a positive note with an interception against Dallas. One might think that updating the rush to pass is a priority for the Giants this off-season, and that just means more turnover opportunities for McKinney.

According to Pro Football Focus, McKinney played 211 defensive shots for the Giants, 70 against running, 132 in coverage and nine as a pass rusher. It experienced two pressures and had three stops for zero or negative yards.

In cover, he was targeted ten times, allowing for seven receptions with an average of just 6.7 yards per catch, and had an interception (he should have had at least one more, but was blown away due to a penalty) on the way to an NFL score of 40.4.


McKinney …

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