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Rohit Sharma Asks Critics To Tell ICC They Have Standard Runways Around The World MUMBAI: Rohit Sharma wants all “experts” with views of cricket pitches to take a break. “How we play, how we pitch, how we play – everyone is welcome to have an opinion on this. But the fields are the same for both teams. I can’t understand the hype, “he said speaking at the virtual media conference as the teams trained for the Pink Ball Test against England starting with Motera. from Wednesday. Opinions flew by the dozen as India won the draw in the second round in Chennai and beat first on a pitch that started to turn right from the first session. “For years, this is the kind of pitches India has offered. So, I don’t really understand what this talk is about. Each country likes to have its share of the domestic advantage. When we travel, nothing is easy, ”Sharma adds. The opener, who pulled out an impressive 161 at Chepauk to help his team make a good first inning total, confirmed that the field for the third round – in Motera, Ahmedabad – will be “more or less the same”. The batter says it’s still a bit early to talk about the surface (in Motera) but “I don’t see …
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