Canon lens for smartphone cameras might be in works

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Canon is rumored to be making a new smartphone camera lens, essentially a telephoto lens. The new product may be in the works, as noted by Canon News. The report suggests that Canon’s smartphone camera lens will be an add-on. Perhaps, the additional accessory will be able to click photos at different focal lengths.

Numerous images, on Canon News, of the alleged smartphone lens add-on reveal that the product may have the ability to swap different lenses. Although it is unclear whether the accessory body will allow users to try out different lenses within it, or it will come with a fixed mechanism. If the brand opts for the older system, Canon will also develop the lenses accordingly.

The design of the lens attachment in the photo looks complicated right now. The only reason may be that the photos are just simple sketches. the product has yet to be announced and the company has yet to comment on the same.

Anyway, going from history, Canon continues to experiment with imaging products. The company also launches cameras and lenses as part of their conceptual objects. For example, Canon PowerShot Zoom. Launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Makuake (Japanese version of Kickstarter), it has won awards and hit international markets.

The Canon PowerShot Zoom is a pocket-sized telescopic camera that resembles a monocular. Something that was just a conceptual camera ended up being a consumer product. Likewise, there may be a possibility that Canon will also propose a smartphone camera lens add-on. But as mentioned above, Canon hasn’t officially said anything yet and these are mere speculations.

Canon may soon release a telephoto lens but for a smartphone camera, as noted by Canon News.

News Underline:

  • Canon may soon introduce a new smartphone camera lens.
  • Canon News has located images of Canon’s latest add-on.
  • The additional accessory may be able to click photos at different focal lengths.

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