Californihigh school sport return: what you need to know

On Friday, the California Department of Public Health announced its youth sports update, which provides a path forward for a resurgence of high school sports beyond purple-level cross-country sports, golf, tennis and track and field.

Restrictions on high-contact outdoor sports have been eased, although most Southern California counties need cases to continue refusing to meet the requirement to restart sports such as soccer, field hockey, rugby and water polo.

Here are the answers to questions you may have.

When will the football season start?

The Southern Section says soccer teams must complete their seasons by April 17. Teams must have a minimum of 14 days of practice before playing their first game. The first day of practice can be Tuesday if a county reaches a COVID-19 case rate of 14 in 100,000. Weekly player and manager tests will be required. Those who have been conditioned for weeks should be able to play by March 15th and possibly get into a five-match scrum schedule.

Will these new guidelines help Los Angeles Unified School District teams start playing?

This remains to be seen. Superintendent Austin Beutner said in November if it’s …

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