by Hushpuppi Phone: Abba Kyari and the worms

A replica of James Bond with the guns and guts, but without the women and drinks, perhaps. Someone said Abba would have solved Funso Williams and Bola Ige. When a hard nut falls on our head, we look to Abba Kyari and his team to crack it. I must confess, after solving the billionaire kidnapper Evans and helping to diagnose the Unknown Gunmen in the southeast, I will remain eternally grateful to Abba Kyari. My soul weeps.

Abba Kyari is an enigma. A detective who craves the limelight.


  • Abba Kyari has dismissed the allegations. But his response hasn’t been as professional as his handling of the elusiveness of   Kidnapper Wadume. Rather than confront the issues,   he has taken a   page from politicians’ playbook and moaned about haters, sensationalism and fake news. Abba Kyari said the money linked to him was N300,000. He said Hushpuppi, who lived vanity and exhibitionism on Instagram, had liked his dress and sought his tailor. So the money was paid to the tailor for five dresses for   Hushpuppi. That story sounded reasonable until the court documents revealed the extent of the rot.

  • These are not great times for the super cop. A certain Ramon Abbas, alias HushPuppi, who lived more flamboyantly than any Saudi Sheikh while fleecing businesses and persons of hundreds of millions dollars in wire fraud, has been spilling the beans. Now singing like a canary and rolling on the floor for the FBI, hoping for leniency in a plea bargain, Hushpuppi has roped in the great Abba Kyari. Well, the noose on Abba Kyari’s professional neck could be the string of details in Hushpuppi’s mobile phone.

Abba Kyari’s involvement in the Hushpuppi Mugu processing factor, though tangential, is damning.   In 2019, Abba Kyari travelled to Dubai. On that trip, he met Hushpuppi. Huspuppi gave him milk in a car and a chauffeur. In 2019, every child in Nigeria knew that Hushpuppi lived a questionable life. But Hushpuppi also hosted a few politicians.   Between then and 2020, when the shit hit the fan, Abba Kayri shared personal pictures and professional attainments with Hushpuppi, and Hushpuppi thanked God for bringing Abba his way.