BlueStacks X is a new and free way to play Android games

BlueStacks X is a new and free way to play Android games

BlueStacks has announced the launch of the public beta for its BlueStacks X, a free game-streaming service that is completely focused on mobile games. BlueStacks is an existing platform that allows you to play Android games on your PC using a mouse and a keyboard.

Android is the most used operating system on smartphones. There are plenty of games and apps that we wish to use on our computers. For that, there are a bunch of Android emulators available, of which, the most popular one is BlueStacks.


  • BlueStacks X changes this as it is entirely cloud-based and allows users to play directly from their browser. It has been developed in collaboration with, a hybrid cloud computing company.

  • However, users were still required to have a PC that was powerful enough to run them.

Currently, the games available for users are limited and are expected to increase once the beta is completed.

BlueStacks X can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even smart TVs. All you need is a browser that supports native graphics rendering, like Google Chrome.

While BlueStacks X is free just like BlueStacks, it is ad-supported and you will probably see some ads between games.

“BlueStacks App Player recently crossed 1 Billion lifetime downloads. X is a natural next step for us. Hybrid cloud is a big technological breakthrough which makes it economically viable to launch the service,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO, BlueStacks Inc.