Bluepoint is rumored to be working on a new Bloodborne game for PS5

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There was also talk of a “ambitious project“, Which should appear in 2021. In the meantime, however, this can no longer be assumed, provided that Bluepoint is actually working on the new edition. Rather, a more elaborate remake can be considered in this case.

The last rumors said that the Bloodborne-The new edition will run on PS5 with a resolution of 4K and 60fps, while on the PC even up to 8K should be possible, provided the hardware allows it. There should also be smaller texture updates in order to do justice to the higher resolutions.


  • The studio began working with SIE back before 2009 when it released the God of War Collectionfor PS3 and has consistently brought a number of high-caliber remasters to new console generations. That’s one of Berggren’s main pieces of evidence.

  • As usual, the whole thing has to be classified as a rumor for the time being, which has not come true until the end. According to Bluepoint Games, which were recently bought by Sony, they are working on an original brand, which is rather against Bloodborne speaks as a remake or something similar.

Bluepoint is hot off the release of Demon Souls, don’t expect a Bloodborneremaster anytime soon. But between the sudden surge of chatter around a Bluepoint acquisition and Schreier’s comments, a Bloodborne remake seems like the obvious first project for Bluepoint if it were acquired by Sony. Even if the acquisition doesn’t happen, a Bloodborne remake from Bluepoint could still be in the cards.