‘Bitcoin Barber’ at the forefront of cryptocurrencies

'Bitcoin Barber' at the forefront of cryptocurrencies

Cleveland barber Waverly Willis is known as the “Bitcoin Barber”
Willis accepts digital currency as payment for his services
Willis said crypto connects him to his target demographics of Gen Z and millennial men

What You Need To Know


  • It’s not the styling skills that’s creating a buzz for Waverly Willis’ customers. 

  • A Cleveland barber is growing his business by accepting a growing new form of payment. 

He said that’s how he earned the nickname, “Bitcoin Barber.”

“I’m the first barber globally to accept cryptocurrency,” he said. 

“My target demograph, the Gen Z’s and millennials and whatnot. They thought it was really cool,” Willis said. 

Admittedly, the owner of Urban Kutz Barbershop is a little beyond that age range, but he said he is using his decades of experience and eagerness to evolve to help stay a cut above the competition.

“At this point, there’s a million barbershops on every corner, so what are you going to do to distinguish yourself from other barbershops? Because at the end of the day, a fade’s a fade, a hard part hair cut is a, you know. There’s a million people that can cut hair really well, but what are you going to do to differentiate yourself?” Willis said. Willis said he’s been accepting cryptocurrency for a few years.

He said he has about 20 customers who currently pay with crypto and the number has grown each year.