BioNTech Investor Amid Concern Over Shortage Vows Vaccines Will Be Delivered For Second Shot

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – European countries should use all available vaccine doses provided by biotech company BioNTech and its partner Pfizer because there will be enough for the second booster shot required due to a planned increase in production, the most said. big investor of BioNTech.

Some countries were believed to have rejected some vaccines for fear of a shortage of the required second dose, to be given three weeks after the first vaccination.

Pfizer said last week that it would have to reduce round deliveries to Europe until early February to increase production capacity for a subsequent production increase.

Speaking in an interview with monthly Manager Magazin, the CEO of the investment vehicle of biotech investors Thomas and Andreas Struengmann, who own about half of the shares in BioNTech, said that Denmark is taking delivery cuts calmly and is not retaining any volume for the second booster dose of the two-dose regimen.

“Denmark, for example, is becoming a model,” Helmut Jeggle, head of the Struengmann brothers’ holding company, Athos, told magazine when asked why Europe was late in its vaccination campaign.

He said that in some parts of Germany, half of the divided vaccine doses have been stored to reserve a booster shot for each recipient of the first shot within the prescribed three-week interval.

“That degree of stock holding is not necessary because we will do everything to really deliver the committed volumes in the first quarter, regardless of any hitches to the site in Puurs for a week or two, ”Jeggle said.

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Reporting by Ludwig Burger; Editing by Bernadette Baum