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Legislature rules encourage three days’ notice to the public before hearings, but allow a meeting to be held “on notice appropriate to the circumstances.” This includes adapting to the broadcast deadline, when schedules generally get tight. State law requires sufficient notice, with the amount of time required increasing “with the relative importance of the decision made.” While it’s generally accepted that something like county commission meetings require 48 hours’ notice, court cases have determined that a shorter timeline might also be acceptable.

At the end of Monday’s long day of the House Judicial Committee, Representative Laurie Bishop, D-Livingston, expressed concern about the opportunity for input.

“If we just think about public participation in this process, and the public’s ability to know and understand … what’s going on and how they can participate by 10am tonight, I have real concerns about it,” Bishop said. “… Is there another option?”

Usher said he understood Bishop’s frustrations, but also said he felt more people were entering the building to testify in person, easing concerns about registering to receive a Zoom link to …

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