Bill to reimburse small businesses for COVID-19 stalls losses in first commission

“A lot of these companies have mortgages, rents owed, gas bills, utility bills, college fees, car payments – all of these things they have to pay – and once the money stopped coming it was really put in a really tough place. State Senator Cliff Pirtle (R-District 32) said.

That’s why Senator Pirtle is sponsoring Senate Bill 79, which was heard by the Senate Committee on Taxes, Business and Transportation Tuesday afternoon. However, the committee did not take action on the bill.

The bill would have allocated 55 million dollars from state general fund for a new pandemic repair tax credit for small businesses. Small business owners who qualify would be entitled to tax credits to offset their losses.

Some senators questioned the potential cost of the bill, while others pointed out that the state’s Supreme Court has yet to decide whether businesses can sue the state for losses due to closures. from public health orders.

“Through health orders: right, wrong or …

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