Best Bone Conduction Headphones (Review & Guide)

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Bone conduction is also a good way for headphones to deliver you a good sound quality. Even if these headphones are quite popular, many people haven’t heard about it.

Here we are going to talk about the best bone conduction headphones. So if you are new to bone conduction headphones, then this article will be helpful for you.

Even if you have used them before and looking for a better one, I hope this information helps you. There are many high-quality brands that make these headphones.

But here we have mentioned those brands which offer one of the best products at a reasonable price. Below we have a list of bone conduction headphones worth buying.

But before that, we will go through a quick guide about ‘How bone conduction headphones work?’ & ‘Difference between bone conduction headphones and air conduction headphones’. If you already know about it, you can skip to the list by scrolling down.

How do these headphones work?

Bone conduction headphones are almost the same as any air conduction headphones when seen from a user perspective. With bone conduction headphones the sound goes through the bone instead of our ear canal.

Sound quality and usage won’t be very similar to air conduction headphones.

Difference Between Bone Conduction & Air Conduction Headphones:

In air conduction headphones the sound travels through the outer ear to the middle ear to the inner ear and then to your cochlea.

But in bone conduction headphones, the sound travels through your temporal bone to the middle or inner ear and then to the cochlea. The path with the bone conduction method is relatively shorter.

Bone conduction headphones are very useful to them who have problems in their outer or middle ear. They can use this technology to listen to music without any problems.

However, bone conduction headphones can also be used by people with healthy ears.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Down below we have mentioned 5 bone conduction headphones. All of them have different features and different price ranges. We hope that with the details we have provided, you’ll be able to choose the right one for yourself.

1. AfterShokz Aeropex:

best bone conduction headphone

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AfterShokz is a leading brand in the growing market of bone conduction headphones. They are known for their quality and reasonable price of the products.

AfterShokz Aeropex is one of the most affordable and high-quality headphones that AfterShokz has. It comes with high sound quality and is built with durable material. Let’s see the features that it provides.

Advanced Technology & Better Sound Quality:

This open-ear headphone has been implanted with the new PremiumPitch 2.0+. With a lighter body and angled curved, it fits at the most optimal placement on the cheekbones.

The optimal placement helps it to deliver better bass and sound quality along with a lower frequency vibration. The redesigned technology helps it to provide you the widest dynamic stereo sound bone conduction headphones can offer right now.

Deeper bass, less vibration & higher volume. You get all these at a very affordable price under $160.

Lightweight & Long-lating:

This headphone weighs less than an ounce, yet it is durable enough to be with you in any situation. It comes with an IP67 rated water-resistance protection that lets you use it while swimming too.

We won’t recommend swimming with it though, because a longer period underwater can cause leakage.

It comes with the biggest battery in any bone conduction headphone. It can give you a total backup of almost 8 hours. That is so long-lasting for a headphone that weighs less than an ounce.

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Things You May not like:
  •  It comes with a proprietary charging cable. That means that if anyhow you lose your charging cable, you will have to buy a new one from the same manufacturer.
    However, it comes with two cables, in case you lose one.
  • It doesn’t have an impeccable frequency response.
Top Features:
  • Affordable.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lightweight.

2. AfterShokz Air Open Ear Headphones:

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You will see this new popping up over and over again. And it’s not the problem with our listing. Look at any list, there are always two pairs of AfterShokz headphones and that’s inevitable.

AfterShokz is also, at the present time, the very best brand in regards to bone conduction headphones. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

Durable Quality:

Trekz Air looks stylish and sporty at precisely the exact same moment. Two earpieces are connected with a thin, but still powerful neckband. The manufacturer says that these headphones then covered with a coating of silicone and are made from titanium.

We have not checked about the titanium but we could say they look and feel pretty durable – the neckband can be twisted by you as far as you need and it won’t break.

The earpieces are sort of plasticky, but even they believe hardy. In addition, these feature a rating, which means they are water-resistant. Thus, they can be worn by you while working out or running and they won’t break sweating is not an issue.


The good thing about these headphones is that volume controls on the headphones are synced with volume controls in your telephone (if you change the volume on the headphones it will be altered in your phone, also ).

Predecessors of those headphones (Trekz Titanium) had independent volume controls. On the earpiece, you’ll discover a tiny built-in mic. Trekz Air headphones feature Bluetooth V4.2 and offer a 33 feet range.

The sound is not perfect. It is kind of glowing. Mids are clean and articulate, but highs are there, far from being comprehensive, you may them, but there’s a great deal of room for improvement.

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Things You May not like:
  • Weak Bass.
  • Sometimes it does not fit correctly.
  • The people around you’ll be able to hear what you are currently listening to if you increase the quantity above 80%.
Top Features:
  • Long Connectivity Range.
  • Durable & Lightweight.
  • Long-lasting Battery.

3. AfterShokz Titanium AS600OB Bone Conduction Headphone:

Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphone

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Trekz Titanium headphones are predecessors of the initial pair of headphones on this list (Trekz Air). They’re very similar to Trekz Air with a couple of defects but also with one important advantage.

They’re somewhat less comfortable but they seem just a bit better (they are, in reality, our favored among bone conduction headphones). Let’s go through its features in detail.

Stylish & High Performing:

There is nothing new about the plan, they are extremely like Trekz Air (sporty and trendy ), with just a little bit thicker neckband. There are 5 different versions of pink green, ocean blue, red, and slate grey.

This is the wireless model by AfterShokz which was made from titanium. The neckband is coated with silicone. These headphones certainly look a bit sturdier and more massive than Trekz Air.

Audio quality is the point where these headphones really have no rival (one of bone conduction headphones). They supply better and deeper bass compared to Trekz Air, probably because of the tighter fit. Still, you will get better sound quality if you buy some typical traditional headphones.


Comfort is not a problem when you wear them. They weigh just 1.27 ounces (only 20 percent heavier than Trekz Air) and you won’t even notice them. The headband, as well as those parts that go about your ears, are coated with that sleek and soft silicone that feels nice and natural.

Controls are absolutely the same as those on Trekz Air. AfterShokz didn’t make any change involving control buttons. There is one multifunction button on the left earpiece (play/pause/answer/ending calls) and two volume buttons on the ideal arm of the neckband.

The only difference involving connectivity between the preceding and this model is that Trekz Titanium attributes Bluetooth 4.1. The rest of the features are basically exactly the same.

The pairing procedure is quick and relatively simple (it does not start immediately when you switch on the headphones, however, you must press “-” and “+” switches for three minutes ).

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Things You May Not Like:
  • A better sound quality was expected.
  • They leak a certain amount of noise but they’re better than any other set of bone conduction headphones.
Top Features:
  • Long-lasting Battery (5-6 hours backup).
  • Charges Fully Within 2-3 hours.
  • Lightweight & Durable.

4. Vidonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphones:

Vibonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphones

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Unlike other bone conduction headphones mentioned on our list, this one is much affordable and gives you a better product for the price. This is the Vidonn F1 stereo headphone.

It has a durable built quality with high sound quality and advanced technology of CSR Bluetooth V5.0 chip and much more. Let’s go through its features.

Convenient & safe:

What makes bone conduction headphones safer than traditional headphones? The open ear concept. As we can use them open eared, they reduce the risk when using it while driving, riding on cycle or running/walking along road sides.

Just like every feature, this also has a downside. Open ear concept creates disturbance while listening to music as outer noise also enters our ear at the same time.

It is very easy to use. With one click you can recieve and reject calls. With only one click you can control the volume and pause or change the song that you are playing.

Durable & High performing:

The backbone of the headphone is made out of titanium alloy. Even if folded and twisted several times, it comes back to its original shape without any damage.

The secure fit design lets it to get fit on your ear completely. This helps when working out or doing high movements while using it. What more! It also comes with IP55 water resistance, it doesn’t mean it is water proof but rain and sweatproof.

It comes with CSR BluetoothV5.0 and CVC, giving you one of the best performance in connectivity. High quality sound and bass along with a battery backup of up to 6 hours.

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Things you May Not Like:
  • Sound quality is always the problem. As bone conduction headphones leave your ear opened, the outer noise over powers the sound and bass created by the headphone. But in a less noisy surrounding, they perform very good.
  • Bluetooth does not support multipoint pairing.
Top Features:
  • Durable & Lightweight.
  • Convenient.
  • Longlasting Battery.

5. WGP Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones:

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Last on our list of best bone conduction headphones is the WGP bone conduction headphone model with a familiar neckband design and tiny earpieces with built-in bone conduction transducers.

In terms of functionality, it’s pretty much on par with other models. WGP are cheap headphones (priced under $40) and offer decent sonic performance and battery life.

Good Built Quality & Lightweight:

Aside from the WGP emblem on the left neckband arm, there’s nothing special or distinctive about those headphones. They’re pretty much exactly the same as any other generic headphone model. There may be some differences in the dimensions that is earpiece but nothing interesting. It’s the layout.

Just like Vidonn F1 and AfterShokz wireless headphones, WGP headphones are made. The framework is constructed of ceramic and wrapped in protective silicone. The headphones are IP56 certified, which makes them excellent for all sorts of physical activities (except for swimming).

The comfort is more than gratifying. They are a tiny bit more heavy than the AfterShokz headphones but mild enough to provide comfort. The earpieces lay against your skull and give a stable fit. They don’t result in any fatigue or pain. Additionally, the neckband does not interfere with helmets, which makes them perfect for cycling.

Convenient & High Performing:

The controls are simple and intuitive. It’s essentially the exact same sort of button design you can locate on bone conduction headphones.

You call answering on the ideal earpiece and have two volume buttons on the ideal neckband arm and one multifunction button. The volume up button can also be used for pairing and such as turning on/off.

On the ideal arm, you’ll also find the micro USB charging port and one LED indicator. WGP headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 with an elongated 45ft selection and dependable connection without signal loss within that array.

The pairing is easy and fast. For the cost, it offers performance that is decent however although the battery is not the most wonderful feature. You’ll get 7h of mobile calls and 5h of continuous music playback.

It takes less than 2 hours to completely recharge the batterylife. WGP headphones support rapid charging -10mins of charge will provide you 1 extra hour.

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Things You May Not Like:
  • One thing all bone conduction headphones have in common is the lack of WGP and bass headphones are not an exception.
  • Leakage is the next issue. Anything above 70% quantity will lead to a serious leakage.
  • Loud sounds can’t be handled by the mic and wind sound.
Top Features:
  • Longlasting Battery Backup.
  • Stylish.
  • Affordable.

Bone Conduction Headphones Buyers Guide:

Sifting through each of the different products and their features can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

It can be difficult to understand what you need to be paying attention to if purchasing something for the first time. In this case, bone conduction headphones.

If you don’t have any experience with a solution, it’s important to have a pair of characteristics you’re looking for. That way you’ll have the ability to narrow down your search quicker and with less buyer’s guilt.

Several elements will come into play when picking the best bone conduction headphones for you. You will want to know that what you are likely to buy will have design, comfort, durability, quality audio, and top-of-the-market capabilities.

We have opted to put together a guide which will help you make a decision on what the best bone conduction headphones are for you personally.

Good Audio Quality:

You purchase headphones for one reason; to listen to podcasts, your songs, or e-books. Whatever you’re listening to, you would like sound quality that will fulfill your requirements.

With bone conduction headphones, you are already aware that ambient noises will be present, because of the character of the headphones. This is because, unlike traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones don’t block your ear canal.

The audio quality won’t match that of in ear or over ear headphones, as these deliver bass and will cancel the noise out. Additionally, there may be leakage, however, this will be based on the bone conduction headphones you buy.

Bone conduction headphones are intended to keep the noise. They push straight to your inner ear, not through the ear canal, however through the skull and jawbones.

Because you will not be used to listening to audio this manner the audio quality can be a bit different at first. However, it functions exactly the identical way that speaking, or coughing will.

If you are in a position to discover a set of bone conduction headphones that fit look trendy and sound good, you will have an excellent quality pair.

One case of a set of headphones that offer safety and great audio quality is the Aftershokz. When it comes to bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz know what they are doing.

Another factor to consider when it comes to audio quality is the Bluetooth connection. A Bluetooth connection that is good will make certain you’ll get the very best sound.

None of the headphones on this listing have – you shouldn’t go for a Bluetooth connection that’s lower than what’s mentioned on this listing. The relationship will probably be poor, and thus, the sound will probably be poor.

Some goods on this list have a 5.0 Bluetooth connection; this connection is great and will guarantee excellent connection and sound quality. If you’re able to get a pair with a 5.0 Bluetooth connection!


Comfort is one of the primary stand-out points of bone conduction headphones. Not, comfortably on your head, and they’re designed to sit out the ears in the ear canal.

Together with numerous in-ear headphones, you suffer discomfort from getting the little plastic bud on your ear. Together with bone conduction headphones, that’s not an issue in most cases. Some variations of bone conduction headphones come with designs compared to others. Get.

You want your bone conduction headphones to stay while you are taking part in any activity, where you want them. If you’ve got a pair of bone conduction headphones that offer exceptional sound quality, a pretty fantastic battery life, and seamless connectivity.

However you can just wear them before taking off them, you won’t want to pick them up just as much. Pay attention to what other people are referring to the bone conduction headphones and how they’ve worked for them.

If numerous people discuss how comfortable the headphones are, then that they will probably be for you. Receive a set that you know will have a fit.

Durable & Lightweight:

Durability is important with respect to how much you’ll have the ability to”conquer” your bone conduction headphones and just how much abuse they can take.

The majority of the time, folks buy bone conduction headphones for outdoor pursuits and not as for quality. With high-intensity comes impact. Accidents can happen anytime, and you want to ensure that your music players will not go down.

Selecting bone conduction headphones with additional strength and stability will save you headaches in the future as they won’t break when something happens. Get bone conduction headphones with a good sweatproof rating that they won’t be destroyed by moisture.


Imagine you’re running along the beach or on everyone and the road is providing you with the eyes because of how good you look. That is exactly what the fashion of bone conduction headphones will do for you.

The fashion of your headphones will highlight your style and manufacturer new. Do not be reluctant to look your best while you are working up a sweat.

Availability of Warranty:

If for any reason, something goes wrong and your bone conduction headphones appear at a different state than you were expecting, you’ll want the security of a fantastic warranty to take care of any problems that may emerge.

Occasionally manufacturer defects cause issues with sound quality or durability in products. You won’t need to worry about resolving the matter When you have a guarantee accessible.

Keep in mind that using chargers and accessories can void the warranty of your bone conduction headphones. There are different principles for each item so have that in the back of your mind whilst picking out your bone conduction headphones.

Longer Battery Life:

Consider how you are going to use your headphones. Longer battery life may add convenience. If you don’t need to be charging up your headphones all the time, you may save yourself some unnecessary headaches.

Most headphones these days come with a 5-hour battery life, and this is pretty good for a set of headphones. You may want something if, however, you are trying to listen to e-books or binge-watch your favorite series.

We hope that our list and buyers guide on the best bone conduction headphones helped you to choose the right pair of headphones for you. For any queries don’t hesitate to comment below.


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