Best Android mobile games, stunning Galaxy S22 Ultra design, Honor Magic V Revealed

A serious Google Maps problem on Android Auto has been fixed

Ahead of an expected launch in the next few weeks, more details on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition have come to light, including the full user manual. This confirms the details already known about the FE variant of the Galaxy S21. “The Galaxy S21 FE would be a cheaper, lower end alternative to the S21, much as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is to the Samsung Galaxy S20. However, the reduction in cost and specs are both likely to be minimal, with the S21 Fan Edition still likely to be fairly high-end – and priced accordingly.”

This week’s Android Circuit looks back at seven days of Android news and headlines, including the final Samsung Galaxy S21 FE details, a new look for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Honor’s folding handset debut, a review of Oppo’s Find N foldable, Pixel Watch hints, Xiaomi’s tiny flagship, and the top mobile games of the year. Android Circuit is back to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened in the last week in the world of Android (and you can find the weekly Apple news digest here). The Galaxy S21 Fan Edition: Everything You Need to Know


  • “For the time being, it is unclear whether this new Samsung S22 Ultra Turkish Rose version will be offered as a standard model. This variant may be released in a select number of countries. It cannot be ruled out that in addition to this color, which brings the total number of colors to 5, there is another color variant in the offing.

  • One question that still needs answered, assuming a January launch, is where the S21 FE will fit into the portfolio once the Galaxy S22 handsets are launched a scant few weeks later in mid-February? Samsung’s Galaxy S22 family has seen many specs leaks over the last few weeks, and as its launch gets closer some of the more cosmetic (and arguably more exciting for the regular consumers) are coming to light. Along with the regular black, white, and silver colours, both free and rose gold colours have leaked this week:

“There’s no word on when the Honor Magic V may launch or how much it’ll cost. Honor’s announcement follows a similar announcement from China’s Oppo earlier this month, which shared some details about its first foldable phone, the Oppo Find N. It appears that, after several years of Samsung dominating the foldable phone market, Chinese manufacturers are finally bringing some real competition.”

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“At the time of the S21 series, Samsung decided to offer a number of colors exclusively via the website for the Plus and Ultra model. Whether Samsung decides to do the same with the S22 series is unknown for the time being, but certainly not inconceivable.” Honor has annoucnes that it is working on a foldable flagship smartphone. There’s not much to go on at this stage, beyond a year shot of the fold in darkness – which suggests this is not going to be a long and thin set-up like the Galaxy Z Fold – and Honor’s previous statement that it would ship with the next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Also on the foldable front was the launch last week of Oppo’s Find N. Offering an almost square screen when folded out, it offers another tweak on the form factor pushed by the first fodlables from Samsung and Huawei. The team at GSM Arena have an early review of the hardware: “Not having a crease on the foldable screen was nice, too, while the transition of the content between the two screens with matching colors and brightness literally wowed us. And believe us, this rarely happens these days. The Find N is not an ideal device – there is no official ingress protection, the grip is almost non-existent, we are not fans of the punch-holes, and most importantly – the extremely limited availability.