Because I’m not on board with smartwatches yet, but you should be

Because I'm not on board with smartwatches yet, but you should be

Your average big-brand smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will, of course, show you the time, but in order to sell them to you, companies usually lean on heavily advertising their “health” and “fitness” aspects instead. Those can include the ability to track your steps as you walk, track various fitness exercises and even your sleep patterns, albeit with varying degrees of accuracy. But wait a second… Our phones can already tell the time and they’re always with us. In addition, apps with similar functionalities exist on smartphones too, as those devices also have the necessary sensors to, say, track your steps. Sleep tracking and calorie journal apps exist too.

Smartphones are incredible – they’re the Swiss Army knives of technology. Their primary function may be to make and receive phone calls, but they are capable of far more, such as, oh, I don’t know – providing us with constant access to the rest of the globe and the great majority of humanity’s immense knowledge! In recent years, we’ve seen phone makers try to sell us more products as smartphone accessories, such as wireless headphones and smartwatches. And, while the former makes sense given the scarcity of headphone jacks these days, I’m still not persuaded I need the latter. The explanation behind this can be summed up in a single word.


  • When we have that option, obviously the one where you constantly pull out a smartphone at the gym is less than ideal. Plus, the other people who are just trying to work out likely won’t be too comfortable with having a phone camera pointed at them, whether deliberately or not. So using a smartwatch in spaces like that, as opposed to a phone, can also be a pretty considerate choice. Smartwatches: Why I’m still not on board, but perhaps you should be But I know a lot of people with an Apple Watch, and to be blunt – they don’t go to the gym, or swim, or even have it set up to SOS-call someone in an emergency. It’s mostly just a status symbol thing.

  • Another thing smartwatches are known for is the ability to show you your phone notifications too, such as calendar reminders and messages, and some smartwatches even let you reply to those from your wrist. Once again, this feels a bit redundant. For me, having to charge yet another device just for it to show you the same information that your phone already shows you, but on a smaller display on your wrist, doesn’t quite justify buying an expensive smartwatch.

Don’t get me wrong – more power to anyone who enjoys wearing smartwatches and considers them to be a great fashion accessory, but that isn’t me, so I wouldn’t buy one for that either. If I was after something cool-looking to wear as a fashion accessory, I’d rather spend my cash on a Casio G-Shock, for example. But what about you? Share your thoughts – do you consider smartwatches a necessity or not? If you have a smartwatch – let us know how it has been useful to you.