Because due to a Google Clock problem, some Android users are postponing their alarms

Because due to a Google Clock problem, some Android users are postponing their alarms

What’s not clear is exactly what the bug might be related to: some people’s issues seem to be linked with using a Spotify playlist as an alarm, or with their phone’s Do Not Disturb settings, but for others that doesn’t appear to be the case. The problems look to be primarily related to Pixel phones, with a variety of models affected. However, users who have the Google Clock installed on phones from other manufacturers are also chiming in to say they’ve been affected.

If your Google Clock app on your Android phone hasn’t been sounding off and waking you up in the last few days, you’re not alone — a large number of dissatisfied customers have reported the fault, which appears to be very common. There’s already a Reddit post about the issue, and the app listing on the Google Play Store is receiving a lot of one-star reviews about alarms not sounding when they should, as noted in multiple places, including Android Authority.


  • With many of us relying on our phones to get up in the morning (or any other time in the day), this is a bigger problem than it might at first appear to be. Google and Spotify do at least look to have worked quickly to figure out what might be happening. At the time of writing, we’re still waiting on a full fix for the issue to be rolled out. In the meantime, there are plenty of free third-party alarm clock apps for Android on the Google Play Store, which you should be able to use without any issues.

  • Android Police reports that a Reddit post from Google’s Pixel Community account mentions a fix: “We’ve identified a fix and will roll it out soon” reads the message, which also recommends not using Spotify as the alarm sound. Using one of the default on-device sounds does appear to solve the issue for some users, but not others. There’s also a thread on Issue Tracker about the bug, which states that the product and engineering teams at Google are looking into it.

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