Because Apple The shares exploded yesterday

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The iPhone maker has its eye on another revenue stream. Shares of Apple (AAPL 3.82%) climbed higher on Wednesday, adding as much as 4.1%. At the end of the trading day, the stock was still up 3.8%. The broader market indexes rallied, which no doubt contributed to the iPhone-maker’s rise. However, news also broke that Apple was making a further push into the digital-advertising space, which could spell additional upside for the stock. As a result of its push to protect consumer privacy, Apple has been widely credited with the growing disarray for other companies in digital advertising. That said, it isn’t above generating a new revenue stream in the ad-tech space.

According to reports, the maker of the iPhone is employing a senior manager to create an ad-tech platform. This might be aimed at Apple’s ecosystem or signify a wider entry into the market. History demonstrates that Apple shouldn’t be regarded lightly for taking this action. The opinions expressed in this free article may not reflect those of The Motley Fool’s premium investing services. Become a member of The Motley Fool now for immediate access to our best analyst picks, in-depth analysis, investment resources, and more. Study More


  • Apple’s entry into an adjacent field shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it has the resources to establish a beachhead and a long history of building the necessary expertise from the ground up. It isn’t yet clear if this step by Apple is intended to serve ads solely within the company’s digital footprint, or if it has designs to expand beyond its own ecosystem. It could also signal the upcoming launch of an ad-supported version of its streaming-video platform, Apple TV+. Recently, Netflix became one of the last holdouts to embrace a lower cost, ad-supported tier, leaving Apple as the only major subscription streaming service without one.

  • Specifically, Apple is looking to hire a senior manager to run a demand-side platform (DSP) in the company’s advertising business, according to a report from Digiday. The job listing suggests that Apple is planning to design its own DSP. The successful applicant will be responsible to “drive the design of the most privacy-forward, sophisticated demand side platform possible,” according to the report. Additionally, Apple is looking for a candidate with experience building a mobile-focused DSP and the experience necessary to optimize “mobile campaigns using measurement and attribution.”

Apple’s services segment has been wildly successful, generating nearly $20 billion in revenue in its fiscal third quarter (ended June 25). The company now boasts more than 860 million paid subscribers. This move could open up a world of possibilities and take Apple stock to the next level. When our award-winning analyst team has a stock tip, it can pay to listen. After all, the newsletter they have run for two decades, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the market.* They just revealed what they believe are the ten best stocks for investors to buy right now… and Apple Inc. made the list — but there are 9 other stocks you may be overlooking.


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