Because Apple get rid of the touch bar on MacBook Pro? There is a “good explanation” behind TikTok

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With just $1,000 and one day, this Harlem bedroom gets a brand new look: “So this is my theory behind why Apple got rid of the Touch bar: Because you can literally skip through every ad. Period,” @justineemari said in a video. To view this content, you’ll need to update your privacy settings. She then showed a clip of herself swiping the Touch Bar to zoom past ad after ad before her videos. It’s certainly not a bad theory.

Yahoo’s In The Know Yahoo’s In The Know. Why did Apple do rid of the touch bar on the MacBook Pro? There’s a ‘good explanation’ behind TikTok. Apple said in 2021 that MacBook Pros will no longer include the Touch Bar, a multitouch toolbar introduced in 2016. @justineemari, a TikToker who still possesses one of the older devices, believes she found out why Apple discontinued the device.


  • Despite the fan theories, Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak told Wired that customers just didn’t like the touch feature. “There’s no doubt that our Pro customers love that full-size, tactile feel of those function keys, and so that’s the decision we made. And we feel great about that,” Joswiak said. Watch this tiny bedroom get an organization overhaul in just one day:

  • People on TikTok shared their thoughts on the Touch Bar. “I remember when I found out I could do this I felt so superior,” a person commented. “They got rid of it cause companies weren’t adapting their software to include the Touch Bar but this is a great theory regardless,” a user wrote. “No one liked the Touch Bar, it increased battery consumption and was slower than using function keys,” another suggested.



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