BBB scam warning: swipe right on Tinder? Beware of cryptocurrency scams

Thursday 18 February 2021, 4:00 am

Cryptocurrency scams are becoming a popular way for scammers to trick people into sending money and take many forms. Most crypto scams appear as emails or messages trying to blackmail or threaten someone, online chain referral scams, or fake investment opportunities. Recently, these scams have targeted people looking for love in popular dating sites and apps like Tinder. BBB reminds dating app users not to let their search for love blind them to the red flags of a scam. How the scam works When you “swipe right” on an attractive male or female, the app instantly matches you with them. Once a conversation is initiated, the alleged spouse may quickly attempt to remove the conversation from the dating platform and move it to a text messaging app like WhatsApp or WeChat. The scammer starts talking about how they have a family member who is very …

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