BASKETBALL MADNESS: Join our team challenge for chance to win!

Posted: March 7, 2021 / 11pm CST / Updated: March 5, 2021/02: 48 CST

NCAA basketball is back and we’re pumped! Following last year’s cancellation due to COVID, we’re thrilled to have our 2021 Bracket Challenge up and running again this year.

Register and make your choices before the first game starts, March 18th, and check back to see how your group holds up during the tournament!

Did we mention the awards? The top bracket from one of our local players will win a gift card prize package from our sponsors (worth $ 350) and a perfect bracket will win $ 1 MILLION from our national partners!

Here is the 2021 program (all times in CST):

  • Selection Sunday – March 17 March 14 on CBS
  • The first four – 3pm start on Thursday 18th March
  • First round: 11am starts on Friday 19 March and Saturday 20 March
  • Second round: Sunday 21 March and Monday 22 March at 11:00
  • Sweet 16 – 1pm starts Saturday March 27th and 12pm starts Sunday March 28th
  • Elite Eight – 6pm starts Monday 29 March and 5pm starts Tuesday 30 March
  • The Final Four – at 4:00 pm start on Saturday 3rd April
  • NCAA Championship Game – 8 …

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