Banks and automobiles drive earnings for Europeequities while also earning US stock futures

European equities rose on Wednesday, with banks and carmakers rising and UK equities rising ahead of the spring budget message. US stock futures also indicated a stronger start for Wall Street.

The Stoxx Europe 600 SXXP, + 0.48%, rose 0.7% to 415.99, ready for a third consecutive positive session, after closing slightly higher on Tuesday. Regional gains were led by the FTSE 100 UKX Index, + 0.95%, which rose 1.3% before the UK balance sheet announcement.

The German DAX DAX, + 0.94%, was up 1% and the French CAC PX1, + 0.76%, was up 0.9%. Pound Sterling GBPUSD, + 0.18% and Euro EURUSD, -0.07% remained unchanged.

US ES00 Stock Futures, + 0.53%

YM00, + 0.63%

NQ00, + 0.61% indicated a bounce forward for Wall Street after tech stocks led the way south for markets on Tuesday. Asian markets also closed higher, after being frightened by the risk warning of a major Chinese banking regulator from the country’s real estate market and bubbles in developed countries …

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