Available for iOS and Android, Landindex is the Metaverse’s terrestrial data aggregation and analysis app

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“The metaverse is growing exponentially,” said Mert Eskinat, CEO of Landindex. “Investors need a way to track what’s happening in the market. Just as you would track stocks and commodities, Landindex allows you to track the value of land in the metaverse. Since there are multiple metaverses, we are tracking all the major ones. This is the only right way to keep track of your investments and movement in the market.”

In contrast to Google, the Murena One is 100% Android. Investors in metaverse land can view trends, pricing, and much more at any moment across a variety of metaverse sites. The value of digital property keeps rising as the metaverse quickly increases. Investors want to see the patterns, just like with any other investment, to improve their expertise and earnings. Investors may now follow the metaverse land market from anywhere, at any time, using Landindex, a comprehensive metaverse land data aggregator and analyzer, which is now available on Apple and Android phones. The Appstore hosts the application.


  • “The key to any profitable investment is to be able to read the market well,” said Eskinat. “Landindex provides the same detailed and longitudinal information that we’ve come to expect from stock analytics and more. We built Landindex to keep track of changes in real-time so investors aren’t caught out when there’s a significant increase of decrease in the value of their investments.”

  • Landindex is a simple, yet powerful, resource to track land values on Decentraland, The Sandbox, Otherside, NFT Worlds, Somnium Space, Wilder World, Cryptovoxels, and Axie. The app tracks changes over time, current pricing, lowest prices, and averages. It also shows how many properties are listed for sale. One important feature is the market cap which allows potential owners to see how saturated the market is. This helps investors avoid inflationary platforms or those that are becoming too watered-down to be valuable any longer.

Landindex provides a comprehensive overview of land price, ownership, and investment across the different Metaverses including Decentraland, The Sandbox, NFT World, Otherside, and many more leading virtual words. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact at digital@landindex.io

For those considering investments in land in the metaverse, Motley Fool explains why it works, “Plots of land in the virtual real estate market may seem like odd investments. The truth is that they’re very similar to real-world real estate in many ways. First, virtual property is in limited supply, just like in the real world. Secondly, each parcel of metaverse real estate is wholly unique, secured by a non-fungible token (NFT).” Landindex is the ideal way to track one’s investment by being able to see larger market trends to know when to buy and when to sell.


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