AUKUS French retaliation: Emmanuel Macron refused to answer Scott Morrison’s call

AUKUS French retaliation: Emmanuel Macron refused to answer Scott Morrison's call

While US President Joe Biden spoke with Mr Macron on Wednesday, admitting to the French leader “there could have been greater consultation (over AUKUS),” Mr Morrison said he was unable to secure a similar phone call.

Scott Morrison has made a disappointing admission about French President Emmanuel Macron during his trip to Washington.
‘We’ll be patient’: Morrison phone call to Macron unsuccessful
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted Emmanuel Macron won’t answer any phone calls from him after the French President was left outraged over the surprise AUKUS deal.


  • “Yes, we have,” Mr Morrison replied.

  • “Have you tried to speak to him now? And is he just not taking your call?” a reporter in Washington asked the PM on Thursday.

Mr Macron has since agreed to reinstate the French Ambassador to the US.

“The opportunity for that call is not yet. But we’ll be patient.”

But the absence of a phone call for Mr Morrison means Canberra’s French Embassy remains empty.Scott Morrison admitted the French President would not pick up his phone calls during a press conference in Washington.
Mr Morrison acknowledged France’s disappointment over recent events, but made no apologies for his decision to scrap Australia’s deal with France and replace it with AUKUS.

“It was a very difficult decision. And, of course, we had to weigh up what would be the obvious disappointment to France,” the PM said.

“But at the end of the day, as a government, we have to do what is right for Australia and serve Australia’s national security interests. “I will always choose Australia’s national security interests first.”French President Emmanuel Macron was outraged over the AUKUS deal, recalling his Ambassadors to Australia and the US in retaliation. Picture: Stefano RELLANDINI / POOL / AFP.