Audubon County Country Schools: We want to hear from YOU!! | Lifestyle

Calling all historians near and far!

Audubon County Tourism is actively researching documents, photos, and stories relating to one-room school homes that were located in Audubon County.

No history is irrelevant, no images too outdated, no unimportant documents. We want to see and hear EVERYTHING.

If you, or someone you know, have something to contribute with, contact Audubon County Economic Development & Tourism at (712) 563-2742, or email them at

Additionally, there are still some Audubon County school homes still available for sponsor. For a $ 50 donation you can sponsor an Audubon County School House. All the proceeds will benefit tourism in our area.

For a list of school locations available to sponsor, to submit historical information, to tell your story, or to learn more, contact Audubon County Economic Development & Tourism at (712) 563-2742 or email address

We can’t wait to hear from YOU!