Asus is rumored to be working on a foldable screen laptop that will debut at CES 2022

Asus is rumored to be working on a foldable screen laptop that will debut at CES 2022

Asus is expected to release a foldable laptop on January 5 as part of these launches. This appears to be the case based on a teaser that the corporation just released on Twitter. A link in the caption also leads to a separate website with a silhouette of a probable foldable item, which we believe is a foldable laptop.

The year 2022 is about to begin, and as we all know, there are a slew of new product launches planned. This long line is going to become much longer, as CES 2022, which kicks out at the beginning of the year, will also feature a slew of new consumer electronics devices.


  • Dell also introduced its concept foldable PC named Ori the same year, though only Lenovo’s make it to the store shelves. But seeing one more company joining the bandwagon simply suggests a new battle could start soon.

  • But there’s nothing to take from this because the details are being kept under wraps until the debut, which isn’t far away.

Interestingly, Asus is making good use of the biggest consumer electronics trade show platform to unveil what it has achieved.

Up until now, we have seen some foldable smartphones but looks like the foldable display tech has now successfully traversed into PCs as well to show its prowess.

We can’t deem possible use of cases of a foldable laptop for now, but seeing the growing interest of companies inclining towards the always-on connected laptops, it is fair to surmise what Asus could bring to the table.

Always-Connected PCs (AC-PCs) use cellular data SIM cards and offer internet access no matter where you are. They combine the efficiency of a smartphone’s processor in the body of a laptop computer. We suspect that the laptops with foldable screens will make the always-connected concept handier for the consumers. Today’s laptops are becoming ultraportable than ever and a foldable concept could make them more mobile and thus a natural choice for students and even enterprises.

We expect Asus to throw more light on the subject at the exhibition, which is scheduled to commence on January 5. It is worth mentioning that the launch of the supposed foldable laptop will happen a day after the company refreshes its gaming laptop series at the CES stage.