As of now, the Shazam app can sync tracks with Apple’s music recognition function

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After announcing it would acquire Shazam in 2017, Apple debuted Music Recognition as a built-in iOS feature in 2020 with iOS 14.2. The feature allowed iPhone users to identify songs around them and in apps without downloading the Shazam app. Now, if you ask Siri or use the Music Recognition control to help find a song, you are able to store it in the Shazam app if you have it downloaded so you can view the archive later.

Users of iOS 15 can also access their past history across many devices using the same Apple ID. With the most recent Shazam app (15.14), Apple’s Music Recognition feature in the iPhone Control Center can now sync with other Apple devices using the same Apple ID (via MacRumors). Many people believed that the functionality needed the iOS 16 developer beta, but now it is accessible on iPhones running iOS 15 instead, according to MacRumors.


  • You can check out how to add the Music Recognition feature (without the Shazam app) to your device here. If you’re looking to see the tracks you’ve Shazam’d, you can press and hold the Music Recognition button in the Control Center (once you’ve added it) to see them.

  • How to use Shazam on your iPhone without downloading the app You can press and hold the Music Recognition button in the Control Center to view your Shazam’d songs on your device.
    Another nice addition is that it keeps track of songs identified with the Music Recognition feature across devices sharing the same Apple ID. Until now, you couldn’t maintain that history across devices unless you downloaded the Shazam app and identified songs there. Another way was to opt in to sync your Shazam and Apple Music app and create a playlist of Shazam’d songs that have been identified over time from numerous devices. But, this could be useful if you’re not looking to download another app and want to see your tracks in one place.


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