As Intel disputes the existence of the Arc Alchemist A780, it is argued that it cannot “compete with the 3070 Ti or the 3070”

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According to Ryan Shrout of Intel’s graphics marketing team, “Despite some rumors to the contrary, there is no Intel Arc A780 and there was never planned to be an A780.” While Ryan’s Tweet is quite explicit about the matter, leaker Tom from Moore’s Law is Dead YouTube channel is not convinced. In a recent video of his, Tom listed the alleged Arc SKUs and their specifications, including the Arc A780. The Arc A780 was reported to be a full implementation of the Intel ACM-G10 GPU with 512 EUs, a clock speed of more than 2.3 GHz, and a total power budget of 230 W+. The board also supposedly packed 16 GB of GDDR6 memory running at 18 Gbps on a 256-bit wide bus.

After numerous reports surfaced regarding Intel’s RTX 3070-rivaling Arc A780 GPU, the company has now spoken out about it. For fans of Intel, the news is not good, since the company has officially denied ever developing a board for the Arc A780 processor. The leaker Moore’s Law is Dead, who has repeatedly confirmed the existence of the Arc A780, isn’t happy about this, to be honest. The marketing machinery at Intel is operating at full capacity. On well-known YouTube channels, the company is showcasing its Arc family of GPUs. With the introduction of the Arc A750 and its performance that rivals the RTX 3060, Intel’s Arc lineup is now taking shape, with the Arc A750 and the A770 taking up the midrange/high-end positions. Strangely, there has been no mention of the


  • Responding to Ryan’s statement, Tom remarked “Just admit you guys failed to make your GA-104-sized die compete with the RTX 3070 Ti or 3070 outside of 3DMark.” The leaker also doubled down on his Arc A780 leaks by exclaiming that Intel can pretend the A780 information was just guesswork from the same source who was responsible for the Raptor Lake, Redwood Cove, and Alchemist cooler leaks. We don’t know for sure whether Intel is lying about the Arc A780 or the board really didn’t exist. However, we can be quite certain that the company’s GPU launch hasn’t been ideal, to say the least.


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