Are you a beta tester for Android? The good news is, giving up doesn’t mean losing your data anymore

 Are you a beta tester for Android?  The good news is, giving up doesn't mean losing your data anymore

Yes, Google will finally make it possible for Android beta testers to be able to opt-out of the beta program and install the stable version without the need to wipe your phone’s data. (via 9to5Google) Google made a statement saying it “will ensure that all beta devices receive each official stable release to the public so you can opt-out without a data wipe for a limited time until you apply the next beta update.” But wait! There is one important caveat to the whole thing.

Being a beta tester has numerous advantages, the most obvious of which is being among the first to use new features. It isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, either. Participating in a beta programme also entails being exposed to all of the flaws and issues that come with new features and unfinished software. After all, beta testers want to be able to upgrade to a stable version of the software at some time. Unfortunately, because cleaning your phone normally entails losing all of your data, this may mean losing all of your data — which is true for Android, but not for much longer.


  • With this information in mind, it might be wise to keep track of the beta cycle going forwards if you don’t already. We would love to hear from you — our readers who are Android beta testers out there — if this change is meaningful to you, or have you already found a good enough workaround and won’t wait for each beta cycle to end?

  • To get the stable version without losing your data, you would have to wait for the beta cycle to come to an end. You didn’t think the big G would make it that easy now, did ‘ya? Once the cycle has finished, Google will then offer you the stable OS update and you will get the chance to opt-out safely.