Are Android Auto and Google Maps not working together? You are not just yourself

 Are Android Auto and Google Maps not working together?  You are not just yourself

When it works, Android Auto is a great little infotainment and sat-nav for drivers across the world. We’ve recently reported on several issues affecting the platform, amongst a couple of other niggling user problems that seem to have appeared after updates to the app. Unfortunately, in the latter stages of 2021, the app has endured a bit of a rough patch and unfortunately, there’s more bad news ahead.

Android Auto has recently been plagued by a slew of new issues that make using Google Maps on the in-car navigation system difficult. Fans of the app, which is used on many phones and in some of the best Android Auto head units, are less than delighted, as you might expect, especially given that the issue is affecting voice commands, which are critical when driving.


  • The folks over at Auto Evolution note that the same thing happens with “pretty much all commands,” while various users on the Google Support forums have given accounts of similar functionality failures from Google Assistant. In-car navigation platforms like Google Maps rely heavily on voice command control inside of the car, as it allows drivers to keep their attention where it should be – i.e. on the road. To be clear: this breakdown of voice command control definitely isn’t caused by something as simple as a dodgy cable or other trivial issue. Some bug in the OS has clearly disrupted the way Google Assistant interacts between Android Auto and Google Maps, so it’ll be interesting to see how Google responds to this latest glitch.

  • Android Auto has recently been folded into Google Maps and the transition has caused problems. Auto Evolution now reports that a recent voice command issue that caused some pesky miscommunications with the app has worsened – now the commands themselves have entirely stopped working when spoken. Yes, indeed, Google Assistant isn’t jumping to high attention like the good old days, and reportedly fails to respond to the “OK, Google” wake-up phrase.