Apple’s fantastic week didn’t come without problems

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Apple always kicks off WWDC with a keynote where they make back-to-back-to-back announcements for products from all over their lineup. New iOS! Plans to take over your car’s dashboard! A new M2 chip that’s somehow even faster/more efficient than the already absurdly fast/efficient M1! Rather than link out to a zillion different posts on all the news, I’ll just link you to our big WWDC roundup here. M1’s “unpatchable” flaw: Speaking of M1, security researchers at MIT have detailed the workings of what they say is an “unpatchable” security flaw in the chip. An Apple spokesperson thanked the researchers for “this proof of concept” but said the company doesn’t think it presents “an immediate risk” to users and is “insufficient to bypass operating system security protections on its own.”

Hello there, buddies! Welcome back to Week In Review, the email in which we highlight some of the most important articles that have appeared on TechCrunch this week. This week’s most popular article was… well, everything related to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. During WWDC, Apple usually dominates the news cycle, and this year’s event was no different. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the most important news stories are provided. Check out the most recent information. You agree to Yahoo’s Terms and Privacy Policy by subscribing.


  • More layoffs: Oh, hey, it’s my least favorite (but seemingly never-ending) part of this newsletter. Since we last checked in, there’ve been layoffs at Superhuman (22% of staff), edtech unicorn Eruditus, the scooter company Bird (23%), clothing subscription Stitch Fix (15% of salaried workers), security unicorn OneTrust (25%) and many more. Amanda and Natasha have an overview of the latest layoffs here.

  • Uber Eats will now deliver you food from across the country: Your [on-demand delivery companies] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. Oracle drops $28 billion on Cerner: We knew Oracle was buying the health records company Cerner — though we learned about the deal at the very end of December, a time when most people are doing everything they can to not look at a computer screen/the news. Oracle announced this week that the deal is done, wrapping things up for an absolutely massive $28 billion.



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