Apple Watch Series 6 Teardown Finds Bigger Batteries, More Taptic Engine

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Apple Watch Series 6 has larger batteries than the Apple Watch Series 5, according to iFixit teardown on new Apple devices. The company also found that the Taptic Engine is slightly larger than its predecessor and that the case is slightly thinner.

Battery for Apple Watch Series 6

The 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 battery is 3.5% larger than the recent model, while the 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 battery is 8.5% larger. It remains to be seen how or if this translates into longer battery life, as the new model has new sensors and a new system-on-chip, the Apple S6 system in package or SiP.

iFixit also noted: “The smaller 40mm 6 Series retains the radical metal case design introduced on the 5 Series, now with a capacity of 1,024 Wh.” The 44mm model still doesn’t use that battery design.

More Taptic Engine in Apple Watch Series 6

Interestingly, iFixit also claimed that the Apple Watch Series 6’s Taptic Engine is larger. We still don’t know why, and today I’m feeling what came to my door. But hopefully a larger Taptic Engine means more noticeable tactile notification vibrations.

As iFixit said, “More battery and more Taptic Engine: Apple didn’t mention any of these in their announcement, but it looks like they’ve quietly pulled out all the stops this year.”

Less is more, as Apple makes the Apple Watch Series 6 thinner

I’m all about thick watches, at least on mechanical watches, but Apple has been surprisingly resistant to its usual penchant for thinness at all costs in the Apple Watch. The Series 6, however, is thinner, albeit “imperceptibly”: AWS6 is 10.4mm, which is 10.74mm from Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple did this despite the addition of new sensors, the larger battery, and the larger Taptic Engine. At the same time, however, Apple did away with the Force Touch gasket in previous models used for pressure-sensitive touches in previous models. That absence, plus any space savings Apple could have gotten from the S6 SiP, are probably what made that quarter-millimeter of thinness possible.

Other curiosities for the disassembly of Apple Watch Series 6 by iFixit

  • iFixit has found a “thicker rubber-like adhesive on the display and backplate” that can add extra protection for “unwanted entry”, such as in watch intrusions. The company noted that it made it harder to get in even when you’re trying.
  • Screen replacements are possible, according to iFixit.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 opens sideways like a book, as shown in the main image above.

Hero image courtesy of iFixit


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