Apple to launch new iPad with mini-LED display and AirPods 3 in first half of 2021: Ming-Chi Kuo

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Apple has had a busy 2020 with the company rolling out a number of new products this year, and now the latest reports suggest the company will continue rolling out its first iPads with Mini-LED displays and AirPods 3 in the first half of 2021.

This information was provided courtesy of TFI Securities’ trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and as part of its latest investor research note. In the note, Kuo suggests that the products could be manufactured by Taiwan-based OEM Career Technology which will be a key partner in Apple’s supply chain for the next product cycle.

According to the new report, Kuo says the iPad Mini-LED will go into mass production in the first half of 2021 and could as such see a launch in the first half of 2021 itself, with a launch likely in March or April as well.

These iPads will benefit from the advanced technology that offers many of the features offered by OLED as they use individual LEDs to illuminate and dim the screen to produce the images on the screen. While the results aren’t as good as OLEDs, the results are still quite good and that too at a more affordable price.

While there is no information available about the device’s hardware, the iPad is expected to be equipped with an 8.5-inch Liquid Retina display and house the same A14 Bionic chipset that drives the show in the new iPhone 12 and fourth generation iPad Air. The A14 Bionic would be paired with 4GB of RAM. The iPad may contain two batteries and a USB Type C port. The iPad may have support for Apple Pencil 2. As for cameras, it may have the same camera as the iPad Air 4.

The report also adds that Kuo expects the Apple AirPods 3 to be launched in the first half of 2021 as well. These will be truly wireless earbuds and will have a different design from the Apple AirPods 2 because they will come with interchangeable earphones and a shorter stem. However, there will be differences here as they will lack premium features such as active noise cancellation as seen on the AirPods Pro.

Trusted analyst Min-Chi Kuo believes the iPad Mini-LED will go into mass production in the first half of 2021.

News Underline:

  • Apple is expected to launch the new iPad and AirPods 3 next year.
  • The iPad should be equipped with a mini-LED display.
  • The new AirPods are set to feature premium design language.

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