Apple reportedly begins testing foldable iPhone, expected for 2022 launch

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Apple is periodically rumored to be working on a foldout iPhone to finally return it to Samsung which currently has the maximum number of foldable phones on the market. Apple has also filed a few patents for this device, but by themselves they don’t mean the company is actually working. But the iPhone manufacturer could take the foldable device seriously. A new report said Apple is receiving the fold iPhone as test samples from its suppliers including Foxconn and New Nikko. And if everything goes perfectly, the first fold iPhone it could debut in September 2022.

According to reports from Economic Daily, Apple is testing the specimens for the folding iPhone and checking if all is well with them. He might consider using OLED or opting for microLED material for this fold iPhone. The type of material will determine the manufacturing process. Since microLED is a new technology that will offer greater brightness, saturation and energy efficiency than regular LCD, Apple may have to ask its suppliers to switch to a different manufacturing process than that used for OLED or LCD materials.

Whatever display Apple might decide for its foldable iPhone, it is likely to choose Samsung as the supplier for the display material. The report also mentions that Apple is testing the pads and hinges that will be used on this fold iPhone. These hinges and bearings are said to come mainly from New Nikko and go to Hon Hai (or Foxconn) for assembly. As these hinges will be tested for over 100,000 drives, which is why it relies on the same company, New Nikko, which developed the hinges for MacBook.

Apple is aiming for the second half of 2022 to make the fold public iPhone, according to reports. Which means it’s too early to count on this timeline. While it will be good news if this timeline is adhered to, it will come as no surprise that this could be a timeline when Apple shuts down. iPhone prepares for a later launch.

Some previous patents have shown some designs that Apple could look at. There may be a clamshell clamshell design that Apple could make with this device. Right now, the Motorola Moto Razr embodies this kind of design. Another design Apple might look at is what the Samsung Galaxy Fold offers. This could be a form factor that will have multiple screens joined together using hinges. For what it’s worth, Apple is allegedly in the process of finalizing the design, but don’t expect any announcements from Apple for long.

Apple is rumored to have worked on a foldout iPhone for a long time, which he may now receive for testing.

News Underline:

  • Apple has reportedly received samples of its foldout iPhone.
  • Apple is rumored to be working on the foldout iPhone for a long time.
  • The folding iPhone could be launched in September 2022.

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