Apple Releases a new web game to accompany the TV series and “Servant”

On Monday, Apple published an interactive experience called Survive the Attic. It is essentially a trivia web game that improves the world of Apple TV + Servant show.

“Servant” Game “Survive the Attic” Latest content to accompany Apple TV + Entertainment

The game only works on the mobile web (it worked on mine iPhone, not my iPad). The premise is that you have 10 minutes to escape from lactic.

There are puzzles and quizzes that get progressively more difficult. There is a minute to complete them. Survive the Attic is really cleverly done, but you’ll probably need to watch Servant, created by M. Night Shyamalan, to get it through.

It is a further indication of how Apple is trying to create additional content on TV shows and. For example, there is an iOS app that bridges the gap between seasons one and two of For All Mankind. That show also has an official podcast, and other shows are likely to have accompanying podcasts in the future. The issue was discussed in the latest episode of Media +.