Apple reached an agreement with Qualcomm to resolve a long-standing patent battle iPhone LTE technology

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Back in 2020, the Canadian company won an $85 million lawsuit against Apple over two patents. The patent disputes involved wireless technology that allowed iPhone users to make phone calls and download data simultaneously.

Apple and WiLAN, a patent-licensing company, have signed a new licence agreement, according to Reuters. The firms have had patent fights over wireless technologies for years and have now achieved a deal. WiLAN is an intellectual property licencing organisation with a client list that includes a number of prominent technology companies.


  • Apple even sued WiLAN back in 2014, arguing that the iPhones 5 and 6 didn’t infringe WiLAN’s patents. The patents regarded allocating bandwidth in a wireless network using LTE technology. The article also states the agreement settles all court cases between WiLAN, its subsidiary Polaris, and Apple in the US, Canada, and Germany. Neither Apple nor WiLAN have commented on this new agreement.

  • Just last month, Apple won in the U.S. Court of Appeals, retracting this win for WiLAN. This achievement came after the Cupertino company claimed there were problems with WiLAN’s expert testimony. This wasn’t Apple’s first appeal as the court also overturned a $145 million win for WiLAN back in 2018.


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