Apple Part Two Start the Learning Series “Acting on Racial Equity and Justice” today

The Second Challenge at AppleThe learning series “Acting on Fairness and Racial Justice” began on Monday. Called “Make a Positive Impact in Your Community”, it is part of the project that includes a series of conversation guides based on the challenge-based learning framework. They are designed to help educators, community leaders, and individuals have thoughtful conversations about race and inequality.

Technology and Martin Luther King help the teacher teach students their worth

One educator related to this work is Mike Lang, a technology instructor at the Laura Dearing Elementary School in Clark County School District in Las Vegas. Apple shared his story on Martin Luther King Day. Mr. Lang is a Apple Distginusied educator and is using Apple technology to teach its students why they are important. After studying Christian Robinson’s You Matter, students will use iPads to capture and edit photos of themselves, their families and communities. They will produce stories about why they are important using the PBS KIDS ScratchJr app. The children will then examine Dr. King’s life and legacy, using Brad Meltzer’s book I Am Martin Luther King Jr., and confront him by creating double exposure portraits of themselves with the civil rights leader. The final part is called “I am a dreamer too”. Mr. Lang will ask his students how they can be useful to each other and their neighbors. During the project, students will complete interactive workbooks in Keynote. They will later be able to share what they write in their community organizers and legislators in Las Vegas.

Mr. Lang said:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of striving to be excellent, striving to do what is right, and striving to be fair goes beyond race. It’s economics and empathy, and this idea of ​​solidarity with all human beings. My hope is that my students will realize that there is a basic humanity to which we must always be connected, not only within their classroom, not only within their school, but within the their community, city, country and world.

“It will be a power infused with love and justice that will change the dark yesterday into a bright tomorrow and lift us up from from the weariness of despair to the thrust of hope. “- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

– Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 18, 2021

Tim Cook also marked Martin Luther King Day. The Apple The CEO tweeted a quote from the civil rights leader.