Apple likely to bring in-display Touch ID on future iPhones

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Under-display fingerprint readers have become common on Android phones across multiple budget segments, but Apple still seems shy about bringing the technology to its own. iPhone peak. But it looks like this could change very quickly.

This is according to well-known whistleblower, @ L0vetodream, who says Apple continues to work on the technology as Apple still has plans for a iPhone with a Touch ID sensor under the screen in the future. While it does not provide a history of when the function might hit iPhone, the suggestion is that technology could find a place on iPhone in the next year or two.

Previously, the entries of a fingerprint sensor embedded in a file iPhone display had been seen prior to the launch of the iPhone X. But apparently, Apple opted for Face ID on the phone, and we’ve been waiting for Apple to finally bring the technology to its phones ever since.

In the past, we’ve also seen Apple patent applications using an in-display fingerprint scanner on its phones. There are also supply chain reports that suggest that major Apple suppliers may be preparing to ship under-screen fingerprint recognition technology.

However, the biggest clue that we might actually get a iPhone with a fingerprint scanner soon it was from Ming-Chi Kuo who had claimed that Apple would release at least one iPhone with an under-display fingerprint reader in 2021. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the iPhone 13 will be released as an update over iPhone 12 with the inclusion of not only an in-display fingerprint scanner but also FaceID.

Aside from that, we don’t know much about it iPhone 13. But leaks in the past have claimed some interesting things about the phone. @UniverseIce suggested that the iPhone 13 would be thinner than 12, but otherwise it would keep the same form factor as the previous ones iPhone.

DSCC founder and display analyst Ross Young, on the other hand, said the iPhone Line 13 would be equipped with integrated OLED touch screens, 120Hz ProMotion displays, Time-of-Flight (ToF) selfie cameras for touchless gesture navigation, and triple rear cameras up to 1.9m.

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Previously, there have been several reports of the technology being placed on iPhone.

News Underline:

  • Apple is ready to launch new ones iPhone with fingerprint scanner under the display.
  • These phones could also keep FaceID technology.
  • The iPhone with under-display technology could arrive as early as next year.

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