Apple It will give you $ 50 or € 50 if you buy this product

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A gift from Apple that doesn’t last forever. offer Initially available between July 1 and July 14, only for the US but Apple now again announces the offer that gets you a gift card in Europe as well. In the UK, customers can receive a £40 gift card on the purchase of an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD.

If you like iOS products and want to bargain then you should know that Apple gives you $50 if you buy an Apple TV. This is a new offer that the Cupertino company is launching for customers who want to get one of its smart TV consoles, be it Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, but you have to buy it at the Apple Store. This $50 gift for buying an Apple TV Appears after the Apple Store is briefly closed, But given the good performance of the iPhone against Android phones in the quarter, this could also be an apple-bitten attempt to boost other segments.


  • Read Also: Rival captains expect another slow wicket in series decider. Apple TV that comes with the gift This is a smart TV console with A12 chipAlthough according to leaks such as Mark Gurman or Ming-Chaz Kuo, the company could preparing a new version that will bring the A14 Bionic processorApart from the inclusion of 4GB RAM, and the same could be announced before the end of 2022. Isolation Mode: This is how Apple’s new Extreme Security functionality works

  • In the case of Apple Australia it offers a value of 70 AUD, whereas They will receive a 50 euro gift card in France, Spain and other markets. In the United States, it continues to offer gifts of $50. this gift It is not possible to use it to reduce the final price of the product that you are purchasing, that is, it will be used only for a new purchase in the Apple Store, to be able to purchase any accessory, as well as as part of payment for any other device from the company.


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