Apple It expands the user base of its next-generation Google Maps rival

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The United States received it back in 2020, and since then, the company has been slowly expanding it to more regions across the world. This week, it was discovered that the new-generation Apple Maps experience is live in a series of countries, including France, Monaco, and New Zealand. In other words, the additional mapping details, the 3D buildings, and the increased focus on more accurate data are available in a total of 16 countries.

Apple revealed back in 2018 that it was getting ready to update its mapping data in order to provide customers a new-generation experience, so we’ve known for a while that the company was working on a redesign of Apple Maps. Navigation using Apple Maps Navigation using Apple Maps Navigation using Apple Maps Navigation using Apple Maps navigation with Apple Maps. However, it’s no secret that the Cupertino-based tech firm has been excruciatingly delayed in rolling out this Apple Maps update to users all around the world.


  • In the meantime, Google is also improving Google Maps with new-generation capabilities, especially as the company is focusing on more efficient navigation. Google Maps is now offering fuel-efficient routes, therefore providing drivers with alternatives that help reduce the fuel consumption based on data like road incline and traffic patterns. The feature is already live for all users across the world on Android and iPhone.

  • Apple is yet to release a public announcement on this, but on the other hand, the timing makes a lot of sense, especially as the company is working on a major new operating system update for iPhones out there. iOS 16, which is currently available as a developer preview and is scheduled to launch in September for the iPhone 8 and newer, brings little in terms of improvements for the navigation experience. However, it does power an upgrade for CarPlay, as Apple is paving the way for new app categories, including software that makes it possible to pay for gas right from the display in the car.


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