Apple Harvest Festival will fill the fairground with fun to welcome autumn

Apple Harvest Festival will fill the fairground with fun to welcome autumn

Despite a dry year, Wild Terra in downtown Fargo gathered enough apples from local suppliers to make sure there was plenty of cider to go around for this big crowd.

“It’s one of our biggest events that we do, its one of our favorite events as well.” Said Ethan Hennings Wild Terra Owner


  • “Each Batch that we make is unique because it’s specific to how the apples are tasting that year, different people bring in different varieties. Just being a part of the community, enjoying the space and enjoying our cider.” Said Ethan Hennings Wild Terra Owner.

  • ” It was a day full of community bonding, great food from local vendors, and you guessed it. Lots and lots of cider.”

“So I’ve got my blacksmith set up here, I’ve got my forge, amble. Here’s a couple knives I made. But basically I’m just getting the knives, well the metal really hot, around 1500 degrees to make it malleable.” Said Austin Schmitz Blacksmith.

And there was more than just cider. The street was filled with food and art. There was even a local blacksmith present, selling knives.

Another setup was run by Alwayz Broke RC Club. The group specializes in RC Cars. People could watch while club members jumped an assortment of cars off ramps.

“RC Cars are fun, RC cars aren’t just meant for children, adults can play with them. We’ve got really really big ones, really little ones. We’ve got crawlers that are really slow, We’ve got ones that will do over 100 MPH.” Said Thomas Kraushaar Alwayz Broke RC Car Club President.

Overall people were just happy to be out and enjoying the fall vibes. With the pandemic limiting so many events, many were grateful to have this opportunity, and say are looking forward to next year already.

” It feels really good to be out and interacting with people and seeing people. Definitely we will be back.” Said Elise Anderson Fargo Resident. Organizers plan for next year to be bigger and better, Ethan Hennings expects this event to continue to expand its reach.

“We’re just trying to make something that’s going to be a little more diverse and having different food options, activities for our kids and adults, just try to make a wide range of things that’s just fun for everybody.” Said Ethan Hennings Wild Terra Owner