Apple could implement a camera module under the display developed by Samsung

Apple could implement a camera module under the display developed by Samsung

The Elec mentions that Samsung’s display manufacturing division will team up with OTI Lumionics, a Canada based display technology company to develop a new under-panel camera, which could be featured on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and later, on the iPhone 15 Pro. It is important to note that both these smartphones will arrive (if they do) in 2023. Currently, Samsung is working on the fourth generation of its Fold lineup and Apple is said to be developing a new display for the iPhone 14 Pro with dual-punch cutouts.

Samsung’s display business will collaborate with OTI Lumionics, a display technology firm based in Canada, to create a new under-panel camera for the iPhone 15 Pro. Updates to the iPhone 15 Pro: Apple could use a Samsung-developed under-display camera module. Apple hasn’t even released the iPhone 14 yet, and rumours regarding the iPhone 15 have begun to circulate online. According to a new claim from The Elec, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro could include an under-display camera. This function is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, where the camera hides beneath the display when not in use. To learn more about the report, keep reading.


  • READ | Apple iPhone users complain of faster battery drain after updating to iOS 15.4. In the past, several reviewers have pointed out the poor front camera quality on smartphones that have under-display front cameras. The technology sure allows users to enjoy an uninterrupted display but degrades the quality of images that are clicked as there is a layer of transparent glass or display in front of the camera lens.

  • Apple might feature the new under-display panel technology on iPhone 15 Pro. OTI Lumionics has developed a new cathode patterning material, also called CPM, that will allow microscopic windows to be opened in the layers of OLED pixels. If everything works out, this could be a better and improved under-panel display technology than what is currently available on smartphones and also provide enough room for Apple’s Face ID sensor. Additionally, Apple likes to work on existing technology and improve it with time, rather than featuring something that does not deliver the required results.

Apple resolves major outage affecting consumer and corporate services. Apple might remove the physical SIM card from iPhone 15. As per the Brazillian blog post, Apple will not include physical SIM card support on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. If the report is to be believed, the 2023 iPhone Pro lineup will only support electronic SIM cards. Additionally, these smartphones are said to support dual-electronic SIM cards. It is important to note that the e-SIM functionality is not available throughout the world. Hence, Apple might still make a model with physical SIM support.

READ | Apple Mac Studio may contain upgradable storage, teardown reveals an empty SSD port. Apple iPhone 15 Pro could feature a periscopic lens. According to a report by 9to5Mac, analyst Jeff Pu says that the iPhone 15 Pro models, which will apparently be launched in 2023, will feature a periscopic lens with up to 5x optical zoom. The analyst also suggests that Apple has already received the prototypes of the lenses which might be featured in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.