Apple Celebrates 40 Years of its Campus in Cork, Ireland

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Apple celebrated 40 years of its campus in Cork, Ireland on Tuesday. The site started as a manufacturing facility but does not include AppleCare Operations, Logistics and serves the company’s European headquarters.

Four decades of Apple in Cork, Ireland

Cathy Kearney, Apple’s vice president of European operations, has worked for Apple in Cork for more than 30 of the 40 years she has been there. Commenting on the anniversary, he said:

The Cork campus is more than a place – we are a family. And every day we strive to uphold Apple’s collective values ​​through our work, whether it’s to protect our planet, uphold the right to privacy, or make sure education and technology are accessible to all. I am so honored to work with such a talented, diverse and compassionate team every day.

However, Apple’s presence in Ireland has been the subject of a longstanding dispute with the EU. The European Commission said Apple had to reimburse 13 billion euros in taxes. This is disputed by both Apple and the Irish government. However, the commission said in September that it will appeal a ruling that dismissed its allegations.

Community spirit

A sense of community and collective values ​​is central to the story Apple is trying to tell on its Cork campus. For example, a staff member, Alvaro Porcel, talks about the work done by the Age Action team, a charity that offers free technology lessons for seniors. “This is a charity that is very close to my heart,” she said. “It’s not just about learning how to use your device. There is also a huge social aspect. Most of these older people are very isolated. Before COVID-19, there were weekly face-to-face events, but now instead we have phone calls and when they tell you, “This is the only phone call I’ll get today”, you can hear how much it means to them. “

Apple works with school students in Cork

Apple works with students from a local school in Cork. Over the past five years, employees have helped teach Terence MacSwiney School students about coding, music, photography and video. Additionally, students participate in Apple’s Transition Year Experience. Over 1,600 students came to the company campus and learned about career opportunities. “This kind of side-by-side tutoring, you can’t buy it – it’s just priceless,” said school principal Phil O’Flynn.


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