Apple and the Google secret iPhone The deal was revealed

Apple and the Google secret iPhone The deal was revealed

And in Fact, while everyone talks about the Apple Facebook privacy battle, the iPhone maker is also directly targeting Google with its ads and largely successful privacy stance. Apple and Google famously compete across the mobile ecosystem, with Android and iOS, and in the browser market with Chrome and Safari. Now Apple Maps is acceptable, it competes with Google Maps, and of course Gmail and Apple Mail are rivals too.

Apple and Google were once close. In fact, they are more than buddies. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt served on Apple’s board of directors and even went on stage at the iPhone’s introduction in 2007. If you are an Apple lover, you are surely aware that Google and Apple are formidable competitors nowadays. One of the most contentious issues is the Google Android environment, which late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said completely ripped off the iPhone, causing the original schism between the two Silicon Valley titans.



  • One thing Apple has always been without is a search engine, and you may, or may not know that the default search engine on Apple’s Safari browser is Google. That means every time you search anything on your iPhone, including via the Siri voice assistant, you go through Google by default. That deal is worth a huge amount of money, and it’s growing. Analysts at Bernstein predict the payment from Google to the iPhone maker could surge to $15 billion this year, from $10 billion in 2020, 9to5Mac reports. As Google tries to outbid Microsoft for the coveted slot, they think it could even reach a whopping $18 to $20 billion in 2022. Apple also offers built-in support for privacy-focused browser DuckDuckGo, and recently rolled out support for eco browser Ecosia.