Apple AirTag was reportedly used by a Miami officer to track down an ex-girlfriend

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On the day he moved out, Magarin allegedly put an AirTag in her trunk, which would allow him to ping her location. First, he showed up at a friend’s house where she was hanging out, according to the affidavit. When confronted, Magarin allegedly told his ex about the AirTag, but said he had already removed it. A day later, he texted her a photo of her car at another location and admitted that he had left the tracking device. Eventually, his ex texted him “telling him to stop interfering in her life or she would report the matter to his employer, and he responded via text by saying that he did not care because his life was already over,” according to the affidavit.

When his ex-girlfriend threatened to acquire a restraining order, a Miami-Dade police officer allegedly planted an Apple AirTag in her trunk to keep tags on her, then texted her a photo of a pistol. According to NBC 6, Javier Magarin, 27, has been charged with one count of stalking and two charges of placing monitoring devices. According to the arrest complaint, Magarin’s girlfriend abandoned him on March 20 “after the culmination of a heated dispute and reiterated irreconcilable disagreements,” and he began phoning, texting, emailing, and messaging on social media applications almost immediately.


  • Eventually, on April 26, more than a month after she broke up with him, the AirTag went off in her car again and police found it attached underneath her car. “It is discouraging to learn that one of my officers was involved in an off-duty domestic incident which led to his arrest,” Miami-Dade Police Director George A. Perez said in a statement to NBC 6. His actions are not aligned with our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness. The arrest of any police officer weighs heavily on our profession, and the community we swore to protect.” Magarin was released on a $6,000 bond, according to online jail records.

  • Instead, he allegedly texted her the address of her cousin while she was there, then continued texting her repeatedly for several days “communicating his jealousy and ill feelings over what he believed to be betrayal for the victim being with another person,” the affidavit reads. Magarin allegedly continued harassing her, sending her a photo of a Glock gun with the caption, “I’ll do it in style for you” when she threatened to file a restraining order and canceling her flight for a planned trip.


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