Apple Airpods Pro 2 helps prevent accidents on the road

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AirPods Pro 2, the company’s anticipated second generation of wireless earbuds, have been the subject of a number of recent rumors in the tech community. The most recent news has further heightened the excitement among the brand’s ardent supporters. A heart rate monitor and other health-related capabilities are reportedly being added to Apple’s AirPods. According to Apple’s most recent patent, the business also anticipates that AirPods would aid consumers in avoiding collisions while driving or at noisy construction sites.

According to rumours, the Apple Airpods Pro 2 would have a heart rate monitor and other health-related features. The company is also developing an audio system to guarantee that customers can hear crucial noises, such as traffic horns and sirens. The patent also makes reference to a specific sensor that will monitor the user’s torso posture and carry out the required action. Apple is once more creating buzz in the market as the arrival of the iPhone 14 series draws near.


  • For instance, GPS data indicates that the user is close to a major intersection, but since the user is sporting AirPods in both ears, they might not be able to hear the oncoming vehicles as they cross the street. In this scenario, the AirPods will reduce the volume or possibly pause the music to warn the user of the approaching traffic.

  • In a series of patent applications filed with the USPTO, Apple makes reference to a contextual audio system that automatically adjusts the level to guarantee users can hear important sounds around them, such as emergency sirens and traffic horns (USPTO). With the help of GPS information and other sensor data collected by the user’s smartphone or Apple Watch, the background sound system, in particular, can assess the user’s travel direction and speed and adjust the volume of the appropriate left or right headphone.

In areas where users must concentrate, such as risky environments, work sites, and educational facilities, the patent claims that the sound of AirPods can be reduced or even suspended. The patent also mentions a particular sensor that will cooperate with other sensors on an iPhone or an Apple Watch to track the user’s torso posture and execute the necessary action. It’s important to note that the patent just calls for a wearable audio device rather than mentioning AirPods by name.

The AirPods only reduce the volume of the headphones when the user is crossing a street while strolling beside it, according to the data. The new AirPods will only change the volume of the left earphone, for instance, if a road is to the user’s left. AirPods reduce the headphone volume so that users can hear emergency announcements surrounding them. In addition, the system may play alarm audio stored on the iPhone or Apple Watch to alert users when AirPods and other devices detect specific data.

Additionally, Apple has applied for a patent for “Wireless Ear Bud System With Pose Recognition,” which suggests that the company is thinking about creating an AirPods-specific body posture recognition system that will continuously track the user’s head tilt and limb extension.


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