Apple Adopt BIMI and VMC by email by joining Google

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Of course, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet about the change (at least, that I’ve seen). But it’s come to light that the tech giant is planning to follow in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo!, Fastmail, and other major email providers in its fall 2022 OS release by supporting BIMI in its native Mail app and iCloud accounts. Using a verified mark certificate (VMC) in combination with BIMI is how you can make your verified trademark logo display in recipients’ supporting email clients. But what does this upcoming change mean for you and your brand? If your organization wants to reach customers using Apple mail apps (or Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), then you’d better pay attention.

Apple will release iOS 16 for iPhones and MacOS Ventura for computers in the fall of 2022. These updates will allow brand indicators for message identification. As of right now, more than 80% of recipients’ inboxes can show a company’s logo. Users of Apple Mail and iCloud are going to get a significant update for inbound emails. With the release of iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura this fall, Apple is incorporating BIMI and verified mark certificates (VMCs). The tech giant is the most recent in a long line of significant email providers to offer brand indicators for message identification (BIMI). And this is fantastic considering that, according to data from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), 68% of consumers rank


  • Up to date Apple devices (running iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura) will display your verified trademarked logo in users’ inboxes. If you enable BIMI and use a VMC, then users would no longer see the every-email-looks-the-same list of messages in their Mail and iCloud inboxes; instead, they’d see your colorful brand logo front and center. Adopting BIMI and VMCs allows you to display your logo to four in five email users. This means that with both Apple and Gmail on board for BIMI and VMCs, your organization can display your verified logo to more than 80% of email inboxes.

  • Here’s a meat-and-potatoes look at what you need to know about Apple’s upcoming changes to inbound emails for Mail and iCloud accounts: Apple is adding support for BIMI and verified mark certificates in fall 2022. Apple is just the latest major email provider to jump on the BIMI and VMC bandwagon. Google has been a supporter of BIMI and VMCs since 2020. We’ll speak more about both of these email security measures shortly.

If you’ve used Gmail anytime since mid-2020, you’ve likely noticed that some emails in your inbox display the companies’ verified logos. (Think Chase, Bank of America, CNN, and some other major brands.) That’s because Gmail decided to take the plunge and support the BIMI email specification on its email platforms. However, Google takes things a step further and requires companies to have verified mark certificates to display these BIMI verified logos.

A side-by-side comparison graphic of an inbox without BIMI (on the left) and with BIMI (on the right). The right side displays the email senders’ brand logos while the left displays generic icons — “G” for GrubHub, “N” for National Geographic, and “F” for Food Network. Image caption: This illustration demonstrates what it looks like when brands use BIMI to display their verified trademarked logos in recipients’ inboxes.

BIMI is an email security specification that ties your verified trademarked logo to your domain and business. Using BIMI requires you to set up certain email security protocols (called domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance, or DMARC) that help protect your domain against spoofing and misuse. Doing this helps you to protect your brand in outbound emails and build trust in the eyes of your customers (and prospective customers).

Now, Apple will be allowing you to display the same to Mail and iCloud inboxes by supporting BIMI starting this fall. This way, when you send emails to users on iPhones and Apple laptops and desktop devices using the applicable operating systems, you can display your verified, trademarked logo next to your name and email subject line.

How Do I Know If I Have BIMI Set Up on My Domain?
This is a good question. It’s actually really easy to check. Simply use the BIMI Group’s BIMI Inspector tool to see if your domain already has brand indicators for message identification set up. This tool allows you to check the status of the following domain records:


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