Appeal to HC by a US company challenging IP address blocking

A petition from UC-based One Signal Inc, which provides services including mobile and web push notifications, challenging the blocking of his IP address without giving him a hearing or reasoning emerged in the Delhi High Court on Monday.

Judge Prathiba M Singh listed the matter for a further hearing on Feb.11 after the Center’s lawyer said he would seek instructions on the issues raised in the petition, including the fact that the blockade violated the country’s right to do business. in India, which led to the creation of impartiality between it and others.

The reason has deployed the ministries of electronics and information Technology and communications as parts.

The petition, filed through attorneys Vijay Pal Dalmia, Rajat Jain and Aditya Dhar, said the blockade resulted in the loss of business and livelihood for the company as customers are unable to avail and benefit from its services.

“The Signer is a company based in the United States of America and provides services including mobile and web push notifications, an important and essential communication channel built into every mobile device sold today. Push notifications help deliver timely and relevant information to users and are the first and often most essential communication channel used by web and mobile applications, “he said.

He said that in July 2020, he became aware of the company that his IP address was suddenly blocked by various internet service providers (ISPs) including Airtel, TATA and Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd without issuing any intimations or any possibility of being heard .

The reason stated that to date it has not received any notification or intimation regarding the blocking of the current IP address.

He asked the authorities for directions to allow access to the IP address in India, belonging to the company, and also canceled the order they issued under the Information Technology (Procedure and safeguards for blocking access to information by the public) Rules framed in Section 69A of the Information Technology Take action to block the IP address.

The reason states that the company is not aware of the actions taken by the authorities to block the IP address and that they have unilaterally and arbitrarily blocked its IP address without following the principles of natural justice and fairness.

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  • Appeal to HC by a US company challenging IP address blocking