Animal Crossing players are interviewed about their habits

Animal Crossing players are interviewed about their habits

Although the game provides players with even more possibilities in comparison to its predecessors, it now struggles to remain interesting for many fans that are less creatively inclined or don’t have the time to build intricately designed islands. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has continued to receive small updates in the form of new items and design features, but a year on from release, many familiar features from its previous games are still missing, such as Brewster’s coffee shop and Gyroids.

t seems Nintendo is curious about Animal Crossing: New Horizons players’ habits, as the company has released a survey asking when they last played the game. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently one of Nintendo’s bestselling games of all time, having sold over 32 million copies thus far, some players have since moved on from the game due to a lack of significant content updates.


  • The company previously asked fans if they would be interested in a new WarioWare game via survey shortly before the WarioWare: Get It Together’s announcement at E3’s Nintendo Direct, leading many to speculate that this Animal Crossing survey could suggest that a major New Horizons content update is in the works. However, the survey could also be a repeat of a similar one that was sent to players in 2020 as part of a study by Oxford University on player wellbeing.

  • According to Twinfinite’s Rebecca Stone, Nintendo has released surveys asking Animal Crossing: New Horizons players when they last started up the game. Posting images of the survey to her Twitter account, Stone revealed that the company also wanted to know how often they felt pleasant, good, contented, unpleasant, and negative, while also asking about players’ current outlook on life using a rating out of 10. News about Animal Crossing was also noticeably absent during Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2021, upsetting patient fans who felt that the company had left its players by the wayside. Since then, Nintendo of America’s President Doug Bowser has reassured fans that there will be new updates in the future, and this survey might be related to that statement.

For fans that have had the game since its launch, holiday events that often draw fans back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons have begun to repeat, thus many fans feel that a major update for Animal Crossing is needed direly. Although Nintendo’s reasoning behind this survey is currently a mystery, hopefully the answers from fans will help the company improve upon its support for the game.